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What People Are Saying about Walking Through Your Walls

“I absolutely love this book! It’s filled with content and helpful information.”
Dr. Bertha Barraza, Author of Completing a College Degree

“You should really read this book; I learned so much about life from it.”
Ping Nip, Author of Behind the Door

“I am already making great improvements in my life, and I’m only a little way through it! It’s great!”
Laurie Bethell Bratt, Author of Bear Witness

“You will be blown away by what you will learn here!”
Jeffrey A. Barnes, Author of The Wisdom of Walt: Leadership Lessons from the Happiest Place on Earth

“This is the book you’ve been looking for; I don’t know anyone who doesn’t just love it!”
Kevin A. Dunlap, Author of Designing Your Own Destiny

“Lynda Lamp’s such a great writer that you’ll feel as if she is speaking directly to you, sitting there with you, holding your hand, even.”
Mikki Wade, Author of Rediscovering Your Authentic Self

“I am so excited by the things I’ve read in this book. I can see the world in such a different way now. I’m learning what’s really mine to deal with; it’s making a huge difference in my life.”
Jim W. Connolly, Author of Creating Leaders to Build Teams

“You’re never too old to give up ways of being that don’t serve you. Do yourself a favor; read this book.”
Susan Ortolano, Author of Remarrying Right

“There’s so much about our daily lives that I bet you never even think about, right? I know I didn’t. Lynda Lamp brings it all out in a really accessible way. It’ll blow your mind! In a good way!”
Renee Michelle Gordon, Author of Finding Your Love At Last

“The world is waking up, and this book has come at the perfect time! You’ll be so happy you made the investment—get the printed copy. You’re going to want this book in your library forever.”
Renee Merlo, Author of Design & Sewing Trade Secrets

“I’ve read so many books looking for answers, and here are all the answers you need, in a brilliant presentation.”
Karina Tangwalder, Business Coach and Entrepreneur