Volume 1

Humanity's Handbook for living consciously in the 21st century


Does your spirit yearn for a deeper experience of life? Do you long to feel understood by others? Do you wish you were happier? Do you need a new solution to the same old problems? Then Walking Through Your Walls may be the handbook to life that you’ve been looking for.

Lynda Lamp, intuitive and visionary, offers in these pages a fresh new voice and help beyond measure. She breaks life down into understandable segments, then gives you tools and a framework for creating a world that works for you—and everyone around you. Through the examples and information in this book, you’ll discover:

♥  How everything in life works

♥  Where you fit in to the bigger picture

♥  How to love yourself and then others

♥  How to learn your purpose

♥  How to get yourself on the path you’ve always wanted to be on

♥  How to communicate effectively from your heart

♥  How to “follow your bliss” while contributing to the good of the whole

♥  How to love the world and help pave the way to Peace on Earth

It’s time to walk through the walls that have been holding you back. Now there’s a handbook to show you how!